BCS Preparation Book list Bangla,English,Mathematics,General knowledge

BCS Preparation Book list Bangla,English,Mathematics,General knowledge:


Never buy too many books. Try adhere with your previous books which was well studied by you. Edit the books yourself according to the current news.As there are many books are available, try to collect the books which are suggested by the successful candidates. If you have hesitation, then collect the book which seems well organized and eye soothing for you.
# Bangla literature is very important for preliminary, written and also for viva exam. So you should study the Bangla literature thoroughly.
# There are few topics and questions are frequent in various MCQ exams. You must read these topics.
# Don’t study too lot the topics which are not in syllabus of written exam.
• Bangla Basha o Shahitya Jiggasha → Dr. Soumitra Sekhar
• Follow BCS Preliminary Bangla Guide MP3
• Bangla Grammar Book (Class IX-X) Published by Board
• Lal Nil Dipabali / Bangla Shahityer Jibani →Dr. Humayan Azad
• History of Bangla Language & Literature from Banglapeadia
Bangla Grammar &
Literature :
1. Professors BCS Preliminary
2. BCS Bangla by Shoumitra
3. “Lal Neel Dipaboli” by
Humayum Azad
4. “Bangla Shahitter Itihash” by
Mahbubul Alam
5. Board Book of Bangla
# English is the toughest part of preliminary exam. But if you take savvy techniques, you can do well in this part.
# Firstly make a table of topics. Then see which topics are also important for written exam. You must be best on these topics. Then select the topics which are easy for you.
# There are some common questions in English literature for preliminary exam. If you read it carefully then you can acquire some vital numbers.
English Grammar:
1. Cliff’s TOEFL*
2. Peterson’s TOEFL*
3. “A Passage to English
Sentence” by SM Jakir Hossain*
4. “The Anatomy of English
Sentence” by SM Jakir Hossain*
5. “Practical English Usage” by
Michael Swan
6. English Grammar by Wren and
7. “Advanced Learner’s English”
by Chowdhury and Hossain
8. Professors Current Affairs
from last 2/3 years (For English
English Vocabulary :
1. “Word Power Made Easy” by
Norman Lewis*
2. Oxford Synonyms & Antonyms
3. Word Smart*
4. Barron’s SAT1 (for High
Perspectiv e words &
5. S@ifurs Analogy
# These courses are required for preliminary, written and most important for viva exam. Even you should know about its to continue your daily life consciously .
# At first, read the guide books to clear your knowledge according to syllabus.
# If you regular see TV, then try to see news channel that attracted you.
• MP3 Bangladesh & International Affairs
• Daily Newspapers: Prothom Alo, Daily Star, Jugantar, Ittefaq and Various Magazines
• Monthly Current Affairs (Professor’s)
General Knowledge:
1. Professors “নতুন বিশ্ব”*
2. “আজকের বিশ্ব” by গোলাম
মোস্তফা কিরণ*
3. Professors Current Affairs
from last 2/3 years (For Current
# You can achieve 10 from 10 in math if you seriously do math. This is the only course where has a boundary of Syllabus.
#  If you are weak in math then first solution all math of the math text book of class VI, VII, VII.
# Then solution the math book of IX-X, which have contents similar to all BCS math.
# Then solution the math book of any BCS guide.
• Follow BCS Preliminary Math Guide MP3
• Have to Finish All Math Books (From Class VI-X)
1. Professor’ s Math Solution *
2. S@ifurs Math *
3. Barron’s GRE
4. Barron’s GMAT
5. Barron’s SAT1 (Specially for
6. Kaplan’s Math (Specially for
Arithmetic Segment)
7. Professor’ s Key to Bank Job
(MCQ & Written Math) *
8. Math books from Class VII, VIII
(Written Math)
test paper *
0. MP3 Math
For General Science:
Science is the other most important part for the current exam pattern. The science questions are very easy if you study thoroughly. When you will take preparation of written exam then you will realize that science syllabus is huge, tough and most vital course. The total number of different candidates mainly determined according to the number of science course. It stands in memory for a long time.
• BCS Preliminary Science Guide Published by Oracle
• Have to Finish All Science or General Science Books (From Class VI-X)
• Read Daily Science & Environmental Pages from the Daily Newspapers
Computer Knowledge:
1. Basic Knowledge of Computer
& IT*
2. Computer Board Books from
Class IX,X,XI,XI I